Ex duris excellentia.

Endurance sports found me in college. A soccer washout, I was lost my freshman year…until I was found. Caught swimming in a lame attempt to burn off the freshman 15 from the year before, the Aquatics Director took one look at me at told me I should row. Less than 48 hours later I was running stadium steps and puking next to 20 freshmen. Without ever touching an oar, I was hooked.

Rowing for three years at Boston University turned into running. Running turned into my meditation while in the Peace Corps and my first marathon in Valencia (on leave from the International Rescue Committee). Marathoning turned into triathlon in grad school when I found a great group of peers who just loved to be active. I completed my first Ironman in my second year of grad school — Ironman Florida in 10:49 — and never looked back.

Over 20 years later I work, live, and play with athletes from all across the globe. I lead Endurance Nation, an incredible community of 500 members and more than 5,000 alumni. Most recently I built communities for athletes and fans at scale with Team Mercury as VP of Community. I consult with founders and community builders via Increateable. Since 2018 I have served my local community on the School Committee. And I adventure here, with you.

If I’m not answering my phone, you can find me moonlighting as a compulsive endurance athlete who also loves racing.

There is life beyond the finish line. There’s an entire world of adventure, fitness, and memories just begging for you to tap into the magic. Bring your fitness, gather your friends, and let’s go build something special. I promise you won’t regret it.

Let’s see what we can build together. 🤜💥🤛

~ Coach Patrick