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September 2016

The RaceSaver™ Bag Heads to Ironman® Hawaii

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img_9677Wrapped and Ready to Go!

The RaceSaver™ Team is headed to the 2016 Ironman® World Championships…and we hope to see you there. We will be working behind the scenes with several partners, but look for us daily down at the practice swim area / Dig Me Beach for free giveaways.

We couldn’t be more proud of how our team nailed the deadlines for production and display.

The front gives you an instance sense of what the RaceSaver™ Bag is for (image above).

The reverse side you’ll find a complete set of visual instructions…plus the URL for videos and more support (image below).



There will be more than 100 competitors racing with a RaceSaver™ Bag in Hawaii this year. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for you!

Even if your next race won’t be on the surface of the sun, dealing with any heat on race day can set you back if you aren’t prepared.

Stay tuned for more updates here and on our Instagram page.


RaceSaver™ Bag Conquers Ironman® Wisconsin…

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Brian Harding at Ironman Wisconsin 2016

Brian Harding at Ironman Wisconsin 2016

Huge shout out to Brian Harding, who went 12:10 at Ironman Wisconsin 2016.

You can see his RaceSaver™ Bag clutched tightly in his right hand!

Also overheard after the big race…

Get a race saver bag. That thing is gold. I only used mine for the first 5 miles but having ice to put down my shirt or just hold onto was like a little treasure at each aid station.

~ Lindsay Blumenshein Ironman Wisconsin 2016

Learn more about the RaceSaver™ Bag and how to get your own here: